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4179 Piedmont Ave. #210
Oakland, CA

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A convenient location with warm colors, comfy couches, an ability to actually put your feet up and rest, and a friendly, caring and knowledgeable Oakland chiropractor dedicated to empowering you to make healthy decisions…

Welcome to The Specific Chiropractic Center, an inviting space dedicated to facilitating Oakland chiropractic health and healing. Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, and Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, know that our natural state as humans is one of health, and our Oakland chiropractor wants to reconnect you with that natural state. You see, our bodies are amazingly capable of healing, so long as all of the systems of the body are working synergistically together.

Here at The Specific Chiropractic Center, our Oakland chiropractor utilizes cutting edge technology, including computerized infrared thermography and laser-aligned digital x-ray, to determine if and how you're disconnected from that natural state of health. Then, we provide very specific Oakland chiropractic care in order to keep you moving toward ease, health and wholeness, and away from disease, dysfunction and conditions.

Welcome From Our Doctors

Dr Clum - Oakland Chiropractor

Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West after completing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State University. Upon graduation from Chiropractic College, she moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, where she joined the chiropractic practice of her brother and sister-in-law, both chiropractors. There, Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, helped hundreds of people get well while she perfected her bilingual skills and spent time with two of her favorite people, her niece ...

Dr Clum - Oakland Chiropractor

Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, also graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, after working in the biotech industry for several years. She completed her undergraduate degree at Mills College in biochemistry, and worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory before realizing that she was meant to be a chiropractor. While in school, Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, helped influence chiropractic policy through the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, and was part of the founding team...

Oakland Chiropractic

We help people understand the significant role they play in their own Oakland chiropractic health, and empower them to make positive choices in their lives. Monthly Wellness Workshops are available to practice members and guests so they may learn how to make informed decisions about nutrition, exercise and specific Oakland chiropractic conditions for themselves and those they care about.

On your first Oakland chiropractic visit, you can expect to be in the office for about an hour and a half, as the Oakland chiropractor gathers information about you and where you came from. They'll go through your health history with you, complete computerized nervous system exams and Oakland chiropractic exams, and take any necessary x-rays that might be clinically indicated. All of this information will help our Oakland chiropractor understand what is going on with you, and how disconnected you are from that normal state of health.

On the second visit, our Oakland chiropractor will explain to you exactly what they found, and how Oakland chiropractic care can improve your health. They'll detail out the care plan formulated specifically for you, and help to get you started on that path toward ease, health and wholeness.

So take a deep breath, check your worries at the door, tap into that hope and knowledge that you, too, can be healthier, and give us a call. Our Oakland chiropractor is here for you!

How Does Water Function in Your Body?
The most essential component of the body is water. Water, which makes up two-thirds of the body, is needed for the body to run efficiently — almost three quarts of water in the body is replaced daily. It goes without saying that the intake of water is greatly important for not only our health and diet, but for many functions in the body as well. Water helps us to digest food, facilitate the movement of the joints...
Sciatica: What You Don't Know Might Surprise You
Ongoing pain in the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs all the way down one's lower body, from the edge of the back to the bottom of the legs. The sciatic nerve is the lengthiest one in the body, covering territory all the way from the back through the legs. The sciatic nerve keeps the muscles of the lower legs functioning correctly, causing sensation in the lower extremities. Often...
Backpack-Related Injuries and Your Child's Health
Based on recent studies, it has become apparent that the causes of back pain are many and varied — among adults and children alike. The current leading cause of back pain in children, it seems, is backpacks; if they are too heavy, problems result. In recent years, the number of children lugging heavy, overweight backpacks is staggering. Children with bulky backpacks hung over one shoulder...

I came to this care after having a very stressful few years which left me constantly exhausted. Additionally, I developed irritable bowel syndrome and had very difficult periods after my second child. Within a week or two of care, the irritable bowel completely cleared up. The second month, I had the easiest period I can remember having. I had been so tired that it was difficult to participate in the exercise I love. I had a lot of aches and pains. This turned around very quickly and I felt like myself again. I also sleep more deeply since starting care. Other results include being able to laugh again and feeling generally much lighter and more fluid in my responses to my environment. 

After four months, my blood pressure is considerably lower both at home and at the doctor's office than it has been for many years. It took a while to gradually come down and it does still bounce around a bit, but it has not gone above normal for a while. I am not only so pleased with the result, but am particularly glad that it has been achieved by means of my body correcting itself. These results seem so much more positive because they arose from removing obstacles from...

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