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Dr Lauren Clum DC

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4179 Piedmont Ave. #210
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Dr Lauren Clum DC

Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, and Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, at The Specific Chiropractic Center, are dedicated to improving the health and wholeness of their community, one person at a time — as your Oakland chiropractor!

Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West after completing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State University. Upon graduation from Chiropractic College, she moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, where she joined the chiropractic practice of her brother and sister-in-law, both chiropractors. There, Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, helped hundreds of people get well while she perfected her bilingual skills and spent time with two of her favorite people, her niece and nephew.

After two years, Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, returned to her native Bay Area, ready to settle down and open her own practice. She opened The Specific Chiropractic Center in the fall of 2007, and has been diligently serving her community ever since. She and her husband, Paul, live in neighboring San Leandro and love to explore the various pockets of the Bay Area, as well as spend time with family and friends. Since returning to the Bay Area, her list of favorite people has grown, and now includes her niece and two nephews.

Dr. Mariza Snyder DC

Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, also graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California, after working in the biotech industry for several years. She completed her undergraduate degree at Mills College in biochemistry, and worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory before realizing that she was meant to be a chiropractor. While in school, Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, helped influence chiropractic policy through the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, and was part of the founding team of the Institute for Advanced Care in Chiropractic, an outpatient clinic on the campus of Life West specializing in providing upper cervical specific chiropractic care.

Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, joined The Specific Chiropractic Center in the fall of 2009 after completing an internship at the Institute for Advanced Care in Chiropractic, an externship at another upper cervical chiropractic office in the Bay Area. She also lives in San Leandro, and enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hiking and mountain-biking, and loves taking advantage of all that the Bay Area has to offer.

Aside from practicing at The Specific Chiropractic Center, Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC, and Dr. Lauren Clum, DC, are currently co-authorizing a book about nutrition, entitled The Antioxidant Counter: A Pocket Guide to the Revolutionary ORAC Scale for Choosing Healthy Foods. They are dedicated to empowering their patients make healthy decisions to continually move toward ease, health and wholeness at The Specific Chiropractic Center.

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