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Oakland Chiropractic News

Oakland Chiropractor Articles

How Does Water Function in Your Body?

The most essential component of the body is water. Water, which makes up two-thirds of the body, is needed for the body to run efficiently — almost three quarts of water in the body is replaced daily. It goes without saying that the intake of water is greatly important for not only our health and diet, but for many functions in the body as well. Water helps us to digest food, facilitate the movement of the joints... >>More

Sciatica: What You Don't Know Might Surprise You

Ongoing pain in the sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs all the way down one's lower body, from the edge of the back to the bottom of the legs. The sciatic nerve is the lengthiest one in the body, covering territory all the way from the back through the legs. The sciatic nerve keeps the muscles of the lower legs functioning correctly, causing sensation in the lower extremities. Often... >>More

Backpack-Related Injuries and Your Child's Health

Based on recent studies, it has become apparent that the causes of back pain are many and varied — among adults and children alike. The current leading cause of back pain in children, it seems, is backpacks; if they are too heavy, problems result. In recent years, the number of children lugging heavy, overweight backpacks is staggering. Children with bulky backpacks hung over one shoulder... >>More

Oakland Chiropractic Articles
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