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Questions for the Oakland Chiropractor

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Questions for the Oakland Chiropractor

Oakland Chiropractic Questions

How do I know if I need chiropractic care, or if it will help me?

The only way to know for sure if someone needs chiropractic care is by checking to see if their body is functioning properly and if they have proper brain-body connection. Often it is signs and symptoms that indicate that this connection isn't working properly, but not always. If you find yourself having "tried everything" but have yet to see the results you are looking for, then Specific Chiropractic may be your answer. If you are reading this right now, then Specific Chiropractic is for you!

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What is an adjustment?

An upper cervical adjustment is what we do to restore brain-body connection, which allows your body to heal. It's a quick thrust delivered to the upper area of the neck by the chiropractor. This adjustment is likely different from chiropractic adjustments you're used to. After the adjustment you rest in a super comfortable zero-gravity chair, which allows your body time to integrate the adjustment, and then allows us to take another scan after the rest, to ensure that the connection between your brain and your body has been restored, to ensure that we did our job!

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Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes! Data indicate that chiropractic is actually one of the safest modes of healthcare available. Rest assured that chiropractic is very safe for patients of all ages. Please take the time to look at the facts and decide for yourself:

"The risk of a stroke from a chiropractic adjustment is 1 in 1 MILLION." (Haldeman DC, MD, PHD, Top Clin Chiro. 1995; 2)
"The risk of a neurological complication from a chiropractic adjustment for children is 1 in 250 MILLION." (J of Vert. Subluxation Research, Jun. 1998)

As compared to medicine:
"40,000 deaths per year in Canada from medical mistakes." (Macleans, Aug. 13, 2001)
"The risk of death from Anesthesia is 1 in 1000." (Chapman-Smith, The Chiro Report, May 1994)
"Tylenol kills more people than COCAINE!" (Jan. 12, 1998 Forbes Magazine, "J&J's Dirty Little Secret")
"180,000 deaths per year occur from medical mistakes, the equivalent of 3 jumbo jet crashes every 2 days!" (Dr. Lucien Leape, Harvard school of Public health – JAMA, Dec. 21 1994)

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Is chiropractic safe for kids?

Chiropractic is extremely safe for children — chiropractors have been adjusting children since chiropractic began over a hundred years ago. Kids are exposed to all sorts of different stresses that can affect how their bodies are functioning, and seeing a chiropractor early in life can ensure that kids grow up healthy, without having to worry about developing health issues. A recent study done by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the United States, Canada, and Europe showed that only a few children (out of more than 10,000 visits) experienced minor discomfort and fussiness from getting adjusted.

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Once I start chiropractic care, do I have to continue forever?

Always remember that your health care decisions are up to you! No one can make you go forever! So why do people think that? Because chiropractors often recommend that patients get checked periodically, even after signs and symptoms are gone, to make sure that patients are always moving toward wellness and wholeness, always getting stronger, instead of weaker. You see, the goal of specific chiropractic care is to normalize the function of the nervous system of each and every patient through chiropractic adjustments. Once the nervous system is working properly, true healing begins to occur. The key to seeing results lies in maintaining proper nerve function over time. Our results come as a result of our ability to maintain proper function of your nervous system, not in our ability to adjust the bones of your spine. So after we have worked so hard to regain the health that you had lost, it makes sense that we should check in from time to time to make sure that your nervous system is still functioning properly.

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Do adjustments hurt?

The adjustment is intense and fast. It is slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. Depending on the issues a patient presents with, it might be more uncomfortable for some than others. Luckily, it's super fast! And patients don't necessarily get adjusted on every visit — it depends on if it is clinically indicated by checking the nervous system for brain-body connection.

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How long will it take?

Each patient is unique — while we are similar in our anatomical and physiological make-ups, each patient has had different life experiences that have impacted their health. Our initial intensive care programs typically consist of 12-36 visits over 3-6 months. Your care program will be determined based on your health history, along with exam, x-ray and nervous system scan findings.

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Why do you only adjust the neck, if it's my low-back or something else that hurts?

Before messages get sent to any part of the body, they first go through the brainstem, which is protected by the first two bones of your neck. If these bones are biomechanically not working properly, it puts pressure on that brainstem, interfering with messages going to various parts of your body, including your low-back. So chiropractic is NOT a treatment for low back pain; instead, the goal of chiropractic care is to normalize the function of the nervous system so that your body can actually heal. A misalignment in the neck can cause low-back pain, or other health problems. Adjusting the bones that protect the brainstem is getting the source of the problem, instead of just treating the symptoms of it.

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What if I feel fine?

We love it when our patients feel fine! However, the only way to know that your body is actually functioning well, too, is to check your nervous system. If it's not working properly, then chiropractic care is needed, whether or not you're feeling the effects of the "disconnect". Our focus is on normalizing and maintaining the function of the nervous system of each and every patient. When your nervous system is functioning at 100%, your body has the best chance to get well. Sometimes you will feel great, other days you will feel down. The most important element of health is not how you feel, but how your body is actually functioning.

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Does Chiropractic really help more than back pain? Can it really be helpful for my digestive system, immune system, chronic ailments and conditions?

Yes, upper cervical chiropractic is focused on restoring the function of the entire nervous system, which controls all other systems of the body, not just the back. Contrary to common perceptions of chiropractic, our focus is not on the bones of the spine, but rather on the nervous system. This is extremely important to understand because the nervous system controls every organ, cell, muscle and system in the body. Therefore, by restoring nervous system function, many patients have positive health changes throughout their entire body including their immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, to name a few.

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Does my insurance cover chiropractic care?

Each insurance plan is different — some cover chiropractic care and some do not. We can help you to figure out if yours does cover chiropractic care, and if so, we can help you get reimbursed for monies spent on care. We do not bill the insurance companies directly, and we do not participate as providers in any networks. We do have flexible payment plans available for those that have limited or no coverage.

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