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Dr Clum Testimonials

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Dr Clum Testimonials

Before seeing Dr. Clum, I got headaches 3-4 times a week. Once I started having adjustments with Dr. Clum, the headaches greatly diminished in frequency. I also don't clench, or grind, my teeth at night anymore.

- T.S.

For over 30 years, I had serious headaches about 3 to 5 days a week. I would take about 6 to 10 Excedrin pills a week. For over a year, I've been getting helped by Jane and Lauren's kind and professional expertise at Specific Chiropractic and now I only have occasional mild headaches. Thank you Lauren and Jane!

- T.C.

I have more energy, more motivation. My digestion is better, headaches are reduced. Fatigue is significantly reduced to the level where I can now function well throughout the day. I enjoyed working with Dr. Clum and her staff — she is very professional, very caring and an excellent listener. I also think she is a very competent doctor.

- M.D.

I came to this care after having a very stressful few years which left me constantly exhausted. Additionally, I developed irritable bowel syndrome and had very difficult periods after my second child. Within a week or two of care, the irritable bowel completely cleared up. The second month, I had the easiest period I can remember having. I had been so tired that it was difficult to participate in the exercise I love. I had a lot of aches and pains. This turned around very quickly and I felt like myself again. I also sleep more deeply since starting care. Other results include being able to laugh again and feeling generally much lighter and more fluid in my responses to my environment.

- S.A.

My back pain has completely resolved. I have been treated extremely well in this office. The care has been very professional, consistent, and friendly.

- E.K.

I started to sleep better, and my hot flashes lessened considerably. I got my energy back and my allergies seem to be much less of a problem. I was taking medication everyday (Claritin) and I no longer have to do that. Meeting Dr. Clum and having treatments with her has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. She is so caring, gentle and thoughtful — she really listens and she remembers what you tell her and truly makes the effort to work with you in the most comfortable way for you to help you get back to optimal health. I feel like I have learned a lot about myself going through the specific chiropractic care and have finally taken the responsibility for my health and well being in a way that I hadn't quite "owned" before meeting Dr. Clum. She is truly inspiring and a top notch doctor.

- M.L.

My back pain is less frequent and less intense. My heartburn is less frequent. Everyone at the office is extremely caring and friendly.

- K.C.

After four months, my blood pressure is considerably lower both at home and at the doctor's office than it has been for many years. It took a while to gradually come down and it does still bounce around a bit, but it has not gone above normal for a while. I am not only so pleased with the result, but am particularly glad that it has been achieved by means of my body correcting itself. These results seem so much more positive because they arose from removing obstacles from the full functioning of the nervous system and so they hopefully arise both naturally and continuously. I am also glad to be eligible to give blood again after many years.

- A.P.

I have fewer headaches, less pain in general. My sleep is of better quality. Dr. Lauren always gives me very clear answers with questions I have. Always there when in need!

- N.E.

Specific care has allowed my body to heal — some areas specifically and others overall. It has given me more confidence in my body.

- S.M.

Sending you a quick shout out hello and THANK YOU! I am still pain free and working out 5-6 days a week at the gym and on my own with the help of a great trainer. You wouldn't recognize my body now! I am working towards building my core strength while decreasing my fat. I love you! Thank you for making me healthy enough to want to exercise. I hit the 5 year cancer free mark in July and am reclaiming my life! Thank you for getting me on this path to recovery!

- A.H.

Aaron has gone from having several seizures a day to having one or two a week! I'm so pleased with his progress.

- A.G.

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